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A Comprehensive Consumer Resource & Shopper's Guide for Goods Made in the USA

Bath & Body

Bemis Manufacturing Co. - variety of toilet seats

Bluecorn Naturals - pure beeswax candles, aromatherapy candles, soy wax candles, organic bar soap, facial & body moisturizers, beeswax lotion bars, hand forged & glass candle holders

*Burt's Bees - natural moisturizers, exfoliates, toners, shampoos, lip gloss, soaps, etc.

Cash Manufacturing Co. - brass, copper & silver pill boxes

Lightfoot's Pine Soap - richly scented hard milled pine soap, found on Kenyon's Grist Mill

Magic Focus - compact, stand, travel & mountable make up mirrors

*Maple Springs Family Farm - natural handcrafted soap & Emu oil products, lotion, face cream, lip balm & more, also "how to" make soap

*Mirrotek International - dressing mirrors in floor model, hung over door style & professional 3 panel style, also mirrored clocks, mirrored pedestals & more

*Tom's of Maine - natural products - toothpaste, shave cream, soap, deodorant, floss & mouthwash, (liquid soaps are made in Canada)

The Soap Shoppe - handcrafted natural luxury soap


Locations with an asterisk (*) are not included in our search

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Oral Care

American Made Survival - travel toothbrush holders, travel kit with toothbrush holder, soap box, comb & razor, also first aid kits & supplies, much more

*AquaFresh - manual toothbrush - found on                          (Coupons)

*Oral-B - manual toothbrush - found on                          (Coupons)

*Radius Toothbrush - several styles of eco-friendly toothbrushes, plastic travel cases for toothbrushes, razors, soap, condoms & tampons, (floss is foreign)

Recycline - toothbrushes for adults & children, tongue cleaner, flavored toothpicks, also plastic tableware, made from recycled plastic


Shaving Cream

* - glasses & sunglasses

*Gatorz - precision built sunglasses with aluminum frames, select frames & lens colors, (acetate eyewear is foreign made)

MagEyes - head mounted & clip on magnifiers

*Oakley - sunglasses, (watches are Swiss)

*Randolph Engineering - prescription frames, sunglasses & optical inserts for aviation, shooting & leisure

Eyewear Cases

*Moonshine Leather Co. - leather eyeglass cases

The Cremo Cream Co. - rich highly concentrated shaving cream that nourishes & moisturizes skin

Men's Combs

Chicago Comb Co. - stylish laser cut hand finished men's comb made from high performance stainless steel

Personal Mobility

*Ray Mobility - variety of personal mobility scooters and power chairs, (stray imports)

Personal Brushes

Brushtech - exfoliating back brush, head & body shampooing brush, back & foot shampooing brush, foot & toe exfoliating brush, also wide variety of brushes for home & garage, laboratory

*Fuller Brush Company - hair brushes, shampoo, hand cream, antibacterial soap, fresh cedar spray, moth balls, much more

First Aid

American Made Survival - first aid kits, field & trauma kits, snake bite kits, sportsman kit, variety of repellants, foot powder & more

El Mar Inc. - tweezers made from a single piece of spring tempered stainless steel, tick removal kits, first aid kits

*Klein Cutlery - tweezers, also wide arrary of scissors, (7000 series of multi-purpose & poultry shears with blue handles are imported )  online dealer or order from Klein

me4kidz - children's first aid kit with many items to treat a range of injury, refill kits, compact diaper bag buddy with a variety of basic infant care products, also pet first aid kit with 50 items for a range of injury

Body & Bath

Arizona Natural Resources - shower gel, foaming milk bath, fabric refresher & odor neutralizing candles

Bamboosa - exfoliating soap bars made from bamboo powder in various scents, also bathing mitts, also wrist & head bands and garments for adults & infants

*Best Bath Store - Microdermabrasion facial cloths & sponges, bath bombs & salts, lotions, acne treatment, eye & lip care, masks, shampoo & conditioner & more

Cusp Natural Products - Hemp wash cloths, soap bags, bath mitts & scrubbers, Camamu natural soaps, also Hemp coffee filters, apparel, ironing board cover & more, (shop online with navigation on the left)

*Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps - fair trade organic liquid & bar soap, lotions, lip & body balms. 

*Emerald Farm - all natural goat milk lotions, shower soap, shampoo & conditioner, hand & body wash, bath salts, also novelty & holiday soaps

*Enchanted Potions - handmade soaps & bath products, hair care products, body spray, air fresheners & more


Fraiche - pure organic natural soaps in a variety of scents, bath bombs, 3 packs, gift sets


Fruit of the Earth - skin care & sunless tanning

*Fuller Brush Company - hair brushes, shampoo, hand cream, antibacterial soap, fresh cedar spray, moth balls, much more

*Gianna Rose Atelier - uncommon soaps & candles, all US made except Soap Petals

Goop - lotion soap, body shampoo, hand creams, hand sanitizer, Online Dealer

Green Goods, LLC - natural cleansers & mists, serums, gels, lotions & treatments, organic & natural balms, deodorant spray & more

*Hawaiian Tropic - sunscreen & sunless tanning lotion

Honeyflow Farm - 50 styles of beeswax candles & hand made honey soap

Hummingbird Farms - lavender body wash, soap, lotion, sachet & gift sets

Island Soap & Candle Co. - cocoanut soaps, gourmet & glycerin soap, body washes, lotions & aromatic oils, lip balms, surfer's salve, shampoo & conditioner, pumice scrubs, soap dishes & handmade candles & pillars

J.R. Liggett - old fashioned bar soap, shampoo, body scrub, face & body wash

KC Pottery - natural handmade goats milk soap, about 12 scents

k. hall designs - bath & shower gel, bath salts, shea soap, parfum, shea butter lotion & cream & liquid soap, (nail brush & sisal items are imported)

Lightfoot's Pine Soap - richly scented hard milled pine soap, found on Kenyon's Grist Mill

Lilly's Naturals - handcrafted natural soaps, goats milk bar soap & body wash, lip balm, lavender butter, bath salts, also dog shampoo and leave in conditioner

*Limauge Boutique - goats milk soap, aromatherapy, essential oil, drawer fresheners, wedding & party favors & more, (stray imports)

*Maple Springs Family Farm - natural handcrafted soap & Emu oil products, lotion, face cream, lip balm & more, also "how to" make soap

*McEvoy Ranch - organic olive oil hand & body wash, lotion, handcrafted soap bars, also varieties of olive oil

*MoSoap - country style lye soap & pine tar soap

Native Prairie Enterprises - lotion, bath & shower gel, potpourri & candles, call to order

Pelle Dolce Soaps - natural handcrafted soap with goat's milk, silk, shea butter, olive oil & aloe

Savannah Bee Company - natural body butter, hand lotion, beeswax hand cream, body wash, lip balm sticks, also honey, samplers & gift packs

Sky Valley Farm - natural soaps, body wash & lotions made with herbs & flowers, gift sets, shop by scent

Southwest Sunshine - herbal skin care products, long lasting lipstick

Teregen Labs - podiatry pumice

*The Soap Lady - handmade soap for sensitive skin, hand woven face cloths, also bath salts

Trillium Organics - organic body polish, body oil, face care, botanical soap, shea butter, perfume, acne care & more

*Wick-edly Sent Soap & Candle Co. - hand made olive oil soap, bath cupcakes, body butter, body lotion with shea butter, bath salts, foaming body scrub, face wash & lotion, hand lotion with Vena silk, foot butter & spray, instant manicure, lip butter, moisturizing body spray, body wash, shaving oil, gift baskets, also hand poured soy candles, (diffusers & effusion lamps are imported)

*Windrift Hill - handmade goat milk soap, shampoo & body bars, goat milk lotions, body butters & oils, bath salts, lip balm & tints

W.S. Badger Co. - natural & chemical free balms, body butters, soaps, oils, lip & sun care products, skin care items for infants & children & more

Candles/Incense/Reed Diffusers

5B & Co. - soy/paraffin based hand poured candles - extensive choices of scents

aljo FUN gifts - humorous insulated votive gift candles made in recycled aluminum cans, themes such as fishing, biking, military, etc, (new site)

Adirondack Chandler - hand dipped tapers, votives, tea lights, soy candles, bayberry, storm candles & beeswax candles, reed diffusers

*Beanpod Candle Co. - soy candles in a wide assortment of scents, sizes from soy beads to 25 ounce jars

Beeswax Candle Works - beeswax blocks, pillars, cake candles, tapers, angel & Madonna candles, Chanukah, Easter, Halloween & Christmas candles, votives & more

*Beeswax Co. - pillars, tapers, floating candles, beehive candles, ball, cube & holiday candles, bulk beeswax

*Beverly's Incense - incense

Bluecorn Naturals - pure beeswax candles, aromatherapy candles, soy wax candles, organic bar soap, facial & body moisturizers, beeswax lotion bars, hand forged & glass candle holders

*Candle Attitudes - creme wax candles, tarts, tealights, votive, aroma beads, incense sticks, organic hand & body lotion & more

*Candlelicious - hand crafted triple scented candles  (stray imports on site)  

*Caterpillars Creations - soy candles & gifts

*Chestnut Hill Candle - soy candles

*Circle E Candles - hand poured triple wick cookie jars, bow & votive boxes

*Colonial Candle - scented jar candles, dinner tapers, pillar, votive & tealight, about 72 scents

Crane Creek Gardens - natural air fresheners, also botanical rodent repellent

Creative Illuminations - soy candle making supplies, 350 fragrances, gel & soy candles

*EB Candles - soy candles, pillar, container, votive, tealight, soy melties & more

*Essex Candle Factory Shoppe - soy candles, herbal & designer pillars, votives, hand dipped taper candles & more

*Keepsake Candles - candles made in wax forms from antique glassware molds, Christmas & holiday selections, wedding & anniversary candles, Native American inspired candles, votives & tealights

*k. hall designs - candles, room/sheet spray, scent diffusers & refills, (nail brush & sisal items are imported)

*Moon Pie Candles & Soaps - soy & palm wax candles, votives, air fresheners, reed diffusers, centerpiece candles & more

Pacifica Candles - soy candles, soaps & perfume, exotic scents

*Scents Appeal LLC - hand poured triple scented candles

SheerSoy Candles - 100% pure soy candles in Cafe, Floral, Fresh & Fruit scents, (new site)

*Swan Creek Candle Co. - American soybean wax, container candles, tarts, crumbie melts, fragrance oils & salts, tealights, pillars & more

*Universal Soy Candle Co. - soy candles, incense & accessories

Victor Trading Co. & Manufacturing Works - beeswax candles

*Virginia Candle Co. - reed diffusers, candles, triple scented, home fragrance oils, natural soy wax candles & WoodWick candles with the sound of a crackling fire

Waxberry Oil Candles - oil candles in many scents, also tapers & votives

*Wick-edly Sent Soap & Candle Co. - hand poured soy candles, wine inspired scented candles, holiday scented candles, also wide range of bath and body products, (diffusers & effusion lamps are imported)

*Yankee Candles - (accessories may be imported)

*Young's Jersey Dairy - beanpod soy candles in about 17 scents, also homemade ice cream, jams & preserves, (other merchandise on site may be imported)


*Bed Bath - Keyword USA, refine search, bathroom fixtures, towel bars, soap dish & lotion & tissue box sets,

*BuildMartStore - Zaca medicine cabinets

Cash Manufacturing Co. - brass, copper & silver pill boxes, also snuff & tobacco boxes & buttons

*Colonial Trading Co. - wrought iron candle holders (decorative fruit is imported)

Detecto - floor & upright weight scales, found on Amazon

Emerson Creek Pottery - ceramic bathroom sets, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, soap dish & jar, about 10 designs

Leachco Inc. - absorbent head wrap for hair, bath cushion/shower caddy, bath pillow, also many sleeping pillows for new moms & comfort, infant & children's cushions

Magic Focus - compact, stand, travel & mountable make up mirrors

*Mirrotek International - dressing mirrors in floor model, hung over door style & professional 3 panel style, also mirrored clocks, mirrored pedestals & more

*Tideline Gallery  - pottery for the bathroom & kitchen, (Miya is imported)

Online Store

*Stacks & Stacks - Made in USA department, refine search by category, towel racks & stands, wicker hampers & wastebaskets, adhesive safety strips, acrylic organizers


Wallpaper for Windows - decorative non permanent window film, stained, etched, frosted & privacy designs in many themes, filters UV rays, can be used in bathrooms

Toilet Seats

* - Keywords USA made, solid color and decorative toilet seats

Bemis Manufacturing - variety of toilet seats

Big John Toilet Seat - a larger more comfortable seat

Toilet Components

Coast Products - fill valves, flappers, flush valves, repair kits & specialty parts

*Lavelle Industries - Keywords Lavelle USA, flush assembly, flush valve & flapper kit, flappers, universal toilet repair kit & various washers, found on Ace Hardware Outlet


G.T. Water Products, Inc. - environmentally friendly plungers for toilets, sinks, showers, fountains & outside drains, Drain King tool to unclog drains, Pumps-A-Lot tool to drain water from unwanted areas, use Dealer Locator or browse some products on Amazon

For Bathroom Textiles, Please See Bedding/Textiles

Understandably - no warranty is expressed or implied

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