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A Comprehensive Consumer Resource & Shopper's Guide for Goods Made in the USA

Food & Beverages

American Coffee - regular & decaffeinated coffees, (mug is imported)

Bella Vista Ranch - olive oil, dipping oils, wines, vinegars & preserves

Belmont Farms of Virginia, Inc. - Virginia Lightning corn whiskey (moonshine) & Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey

Blue Ice - Blue Ice Potato Vodka

Fossil Fuels Brewing Co. - pale ale made from a recovered strain of yeast that is 45 million years old, (new site)

H & K Products Inc. - Pappy's Sassafras tea

Kelly's Katch Caviar - caviar from TN

Organic Consumers Association - find organically grown food in your area

Sechler's - 39 flavors of gourmet pickles

Stonewall Kitchen - preserves, sauces, pancake mixes, condiments, baked goods, dressings, hams, beverages & more

The Made in Virginia Store - peanuts, wine, gift baskets, hams, turkeys

Wilbur Buds - delicious chocolate, gift baskets, hand cream


Locations in this department are not yet included in our search

New Dynamic Search - Gateway to the American Made Marketplace©, Virtually 100% Free of Imported Products, Learn More Here


Leeners - DIY kits for making home brew, wine, cordials, root beer, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, mustard hot sauce, cured meat, sourdough, candy, vinegar & more


Bouchard Family Farm - light gluten free buckwheat flour, also versatile whole wheat Ploye mix

Bunker Hill Cheese Co. - baking ingredients, bread & muffin mixes, granola cereal, cornmeal mush, rolled oats & oatmeal, pancake mixes, noodles & pasta, pie, cookie & cake mixes & much more

Carbon's Golden Malted - waffles & pancake mix, (delicious)

Clifton Mill - (under Country Store) buck wheat flour, whole wheat bread flour, yellow corn meal, variety of pancake mixes, gift packs

Conrad Rice Mill - many types of rice, wheat & gluten free, seasonings & spices, sauces & marinades, Hol-Grain crackers & more

Gluten Free Oats - gluten free oats from Wyoming

Greenfield Mills - natural flour

Hodgson Mill - whole grain pastas, mixes, cereal, etc.

Homestead Gristmill - baking mixes, cereals & specialty flours

Intercourse Pretzel Factory - pot pie noodles, whole wheat noodles, herb & spinach noodles, funnel cake mix & more

Jiffy Mix - brownie, cake & frosting mixes, corn muffin mix, pie crust mix, multi-purpose baking mixes

Kenyon Corn Meal Co. - stone ground corn meal, flours, old fashioned mixes, pancakes mixes, also Lightfoot's pine soap, clam chowder & more

King Arthur Flour Co. - employee owned company, cake flour, all purpose, bread flour, whole wheat, baking mixes, specialty flours, grains & blends

Lowell Farms - organic rice

Nora Mill Granary - flours & bread mixes, biscuit & gravy mixes, stone ground cornmeal & grits, porridge, pancake & muffin mix, cereal & grains, jam, jelly & preserves, old fashioned candy, syrup, honey & more

Shawnee Milling Co. - cornbread mix, yellow corn muffin mix, blueberry muffin, buttermilk muffin, whole wheat & buttermilk pancake mix, pizza crust mix, fudge brownie mix, country gravy mix & more

The Old Mill - flour, cornmeal, grits, pancake mix, oats, also soups, jams, jellies, preserves, fruit cobblers, butters, honey, syrups & more


Alvarado Street Bakery - employee owned bakery, organic whole grain breads & bagels, pizza bread, rolls & buns, tortillas & organic granola

Boudin Bakery - old world bakery, breads

Home Baking Co. - Astoria cinnamon toast, (long keeping sweet coffee bread in a loaf - Korpus) (since 1910)

Westminster Cracker - Old Cap Cod brand all natural square & round crackers, oyster crackers, (since 1828)


Alexandra and Nicolay - royal wedding carriage, chocolate fruit basket, truffles

Amano Artisan Chocolate - artisan chocolate made in small batches, bars & bulk chocolate

Amber Lyn Chocolates - sugar free, diabetic, gluten free & low carb chocolate, candy bars, truffles, tasting squares, chocolate covered nuts, build a box & gift options

American Licorice Co. - union made Red Vines licorice twists, Sour Punch, Extinguisher, Super Ropes, original Snaps Theatre box, (shop online)

Annabelle Candy Co. - union made candy bars, Rocky Road, Abba-Zaba, Big Hunk, Look & U-NO, order online

Anthony Thomas - boxed chocolates, holiday selections

Artisan Sweets, Inc. - Made in USA dept., hard candy, gummies, jelly beans, lollipops, chewing gum, breath mints, licorice, popcorn balls, caramels, fudge, candy bars, chocolate candy, marshmallows, jelly candy, candy canes, candy mixes, cotton candy & bulk candy. also coded for Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, Allergen Free & Fiengold

Asher Chocolates - delicious chocolates, gift baskets & towers plus sugar free

Askinosie - chocolate bars & white chocolate

Atkinson Candy Co. - peanut brittle, peanut butter bars, long boys, premium hard candies, mint twists, rainbow sticks, holiday selections, sugar free choices & more

Babycake Truffles - gift boxed truffles, wedding favor truffles

Barton's - flavored & fine chocolates, Kosher chocolate, truffles, cookies, caramels, clusters, chocolate covered popcorn, holiday items, bars, an array of novelties & more

Betsy Ann Chocolates - traditional favorites, fruit naturals, seasonal chocolates, cordial strawberries, fudge, paras truffles, gift boxes, party favors & more

Big Island Candies - macadamia nut candies & cookies, also truffles, bien vivente cookies, dipped shortbreads, sugar free candy, brownies, party & wedding favors, gift baskets

Black Mountain Chocolate - artisan chocolate made in small batches, (new site)

Boehm's Chocolates - boxed chocolates, toffee, pecan rolls, fudge & holiday selections

Bogdons - chocolate-coated crisp candy sticks in a variety of flavors, seasonal & collection flavors, party & reception favors, gift selections

Boyer Candies Co. - Mallo & peanut butter cups, chocolate covered pretzels, smoothies, snack size bites

Brevin's Fine Chocolates - variety of fudge & truffles

Brown & Haley - union made candy, buttercrunch toffee & thins, almond roca, mountain bars, sugar free candy

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier - toffee, truffles & seasonal

Bunker Hill Cheese Co. - caramels, chocolates, licorice, brittle, sugar free candy & chocolates, fudge, cheese fudge & more

Cary's of Oregon - gourmet English toffee

Cerreta Candy Co. - boxed chocolates, truffles, brittle, sugar free candy, gift baskets & special occasion & holiday candies

Chukar Cherries - chocolate covered cherries, nuts & treats, sugar free chocolates, dried cherries & berries, fruit & nut mixes, dessert sauces, gift baskets & more

Cromer's - peanut brittle, cotton candy, candy apples, caramel corn, also popcorn, roasted & boiled peanuts

Crown Candy Kitchen - assorted chocolates & nuts, chocolate "business card" bars, chocolate covered marshmallows, hand dipped almond, cashew, pecan, coconut, peanut & raisin clusters, holiday specialties, (since 1913)

Dagoba Organic Chocolate - organic dark & light chocolates, drinking chocolates, chocolate syrup, samplers, bars & more

Daffin's Candies - boxed candy, school novelties & shower & wedding favors

Dan's Chocolates - boxed chocolate, chocolate bars, bulk truffles, chocolate towers, wedding & party favors, personalized photo boxes

David Allen Chocolates - specializing in truffles

DeBrand Inc. - wide variety of fine chocolates, gift baskets & party favors

Dorothy's Candies - (sound) hand dipped cremes, fruit varieties, diva divines, truffles, party trays, boxed assorted, molded chocolates, gift baskets & more

Elain's Toffee Co. - regular, chocolate, peppermint bark & sugar-free toffee in 1/2 to 1 pound sizes. Available in tins, boxes, or gift baskets

Esther Price - assorted chocolates, creams, peanut butter creams, fudge creams, honeycomb chips, caramels, nuts & chews, chocolate covered cherries, bourbon cherries, chocolate covered pretzels & chips, sugar free chocolates, wedding favors, gift boxes & more

Ethel M Chocolate Factory - boxed chocolates, brittle, seasonal & special occasion candies, chocolate bars & more

Euphoria Chocolate Co. - truffles, wine truffles, chocolate buttons & mints, Croquettes, chocolate bars, maltballs, clusters, chocolate sauce, novelty chocolate, ultra chocolate sauce & more

F.B. Washburn Candy - Sevigny's Thin Ribbon Candy, old fashioned hard candy, lollipops, (use order form & mail payment)  Since 1856

Ferrara Pan Candy Co. - Black Forest Gummies, Fireball, Boston Baked Beans, Jaw Busters, Red Hots, Apple, Lemon, Cherry, Grape & Orange Head candies, But City sweet tarts, bulk candies

Fran's Chocolates - luxury caramels, chocolate dipped fruits

Fritz Co. - Fritzie Fresh candies, wide assortment of candies such as Dums Dums, cinnamon & butterscotch twists, cherry & orange slices, candy buttons & necklaces, gum drops & more, also nuts & snacks

Gardners Candies - variety of boxed chocolates & holiday candies

Garrison Confections - rocher, caramelized hazelnuts

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates - premium chocolates, assorted & boxed chocolates, candy dish classics, novelties & molds, holiday chocolates, sugar free & more

Ghiradelli - union made squares, bars, chips, cocoa powder

Gimbal's Fine Candies - union made Kosher gourmet jelly beans, lavaballs, black licorice, raspberries & blackberries, chocolate fudge chews & more

Goetze's Candy - regular & gourmet caramel creams, cow tales, strawberri creams, (shop online)

Guittard Chocolate Co. - artisan chocolate, purchase single or by the box

Hammond's Candies - many familiar holiday candies, hard candy, toffee, brittles,  chocolates, lollipops, candy canes & more

Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen - boxed chocolates & specialties, fudge, pralines, Southern divinity, brittles, wedding & party favors

Harbor Sweets - handmade boxed chocolates, chocolate bars, custom chocolate, wedding & party favors & more

Harry London Chocolates - gourmet chocolates, truffles, caramels & pralines, dark chocolates, Buckeyes, mints, pretzels & more

Haven's Candies -  chocolates, hand stirred fudge, salt water taffy, roasted nuts & brittle, sugar free & seasonal treats

Hillside Candy - made with sugar, sugar free & organic hard candies

Hoffman's Chocolates - boxed chocolates, brittles, chocolate covered cherries & pretzels, gourmet gift baskets

Jacque Torres - boxed assortments, truffles, holiday chocolates

Jelly Belly - jelly beans, confections, sugar free candies bulk options, & more

John & Kira's - gift towers, custom boxes, 10 chocolate flavors

JoMart Chocolates - gifts, party favors, holiday

Jo's Candies - caramel corn, chocolate grahams

Just Born - jelly beans, Peeps, Teenee Beanee candies, peanut chews, Mike & Ike and Hot Tamales brands, Online Store, (non-edible items may be imported)

Koppers Chocolate - specialty confections, gummies, malted balls, lentils, cordials - call to order

Knipschildt Chocolates - truffles, artisan sauces

Lake Champlain - everyday & holiday chocolate

Lammes Candies - chocolates, pralines, taffies & toffees, sugar free candies, gift selections

Lane Southern Orchards - candy coated pecans, peanut & pecan brittle, pecan pralines, peach hard candies, gift baskets & more

Liberty Orchards - fruit & nut confections, sugar free candies, home style candies, also cookies, shortbread & fruitbread

Long Grove Confectionery - holiday chocolates & gift sets

Malley's Chocolates - boxed chocolates, sugar free chocolate, nonpareils, peppermint patties & holiday candies

Marich Confectionery - trufflez, jelly beans, candy & chocolate covered nuts, button & bite candies, scookies, sugar free & holiday candies

Marshmallow Cone Co. - marshmallow cones in several package sizes, (since 1936)

Martine's Chocolates - Chanukah & holiday, many chocolate forms including dogs, baby & sugar free

Moonstruck Chocolate Co. - organic chocolate, keepsake boxes

Morley Candy - assorted chocolates, torties, cordials, clusters & caramels, candy bars, gift baskets & custom chocolates

Mrs. Cavanaughs Candies - traditional chocolates, nuts & chews, truffles, chocolate cremes, pecan cavaliers, cherry cordials, brittles, fudge pecan rolls, sandwich mints, sugar free chocolates & more

NECCO - union made NECCO Wafers, Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, Clark Bars, Mighty Malts, Haviland Thin Mints, Candy House Candy Buttons, Squirrel Nut Zippers & more

Old Kentucky Chocolates - assorted chocolates, bourbon chocolates, truffles & cherries, toffee, pulled creams, no sugar added, gift baskets & more

Pacific Hazelnut Candy Factory - chocolate coated hazelnuts & fruits, sugar free candies

Patric Chocolate - fine dark chocolate bars, gift sets, hot chocolate & baking chocolate

Payard - chocolates, truffles, gifts & favors

Pearson's Candy Co. - union made Nut Goodie, salted nut roll, mint patties, bun bars, nut roll

Peterbrooke Chocolatier - assorted chocolates, chocolate covered popcorn, chips & pretzels, toffee, chocolate covered grahams, cherry cordials, dipped apples, reception sticks, gift baskets, sugar free & more

Piedmont Candy Co. - Kosher Certified peppermint puffs & stick candy in a variety of containers

Pioneer Candy Co. - variety of fudge, toffee, pecan turtles, popcorn & caramel corn

Plyley's - old fashion confections (since 1917)

Rebecca Ruth - Bourbon balls, rum balls, scotch balls, cognac balls, mint julep, Kentucky Irish coffee, liquor candies & liquor-free candies

Regenna's Candy Shop - original clear toy & old fashioned candy maker, character pieces such as camels, horses, trains, reindeer, etc., also stick candy (since 1894)     (a childhood favorite of mine - Mary)

Reily's Candy - variety of chocolate covered creams, truffles, clusters, chocolate pretzels & more, (call to order)

Richard Donnelly - chocolate bars, gift boxes

Root Beer Barrels - barrels, floats, soda, stick candy, twists, sassafras & sarsaparilla

Russell Stover - union made, also Whitman Chocolates

Sanders Candy - milk & dark chocolates, mints, caramels, chocolate covered fruits & nuts, assortments, no sugar added, also cakes, dessert toppings & baskets

Sarris Candies - boxed chocolates (design yourself) nonpareils, coconut clusters, espresso ganache, caramels, holiday items, favors & more

Sconza Candies - union made confections, jaw breakers, yogurt covered pretzels & nuts, Boston baked beans, French burnt peanuts, fruit & nut confections, seasonal candies & more

Sees - union made, milk & dark chocolate, discount store, kosher

Sherm Edwards Candies - assorted chocolates, creams, jells, truffles, cordials, crisps & brittles, chocolate covered marshmallows, meltaways, molded chocolates, terrapins, chocolate covered pretzels, specialties, sugar free products & more

Standard Candy Co. - Goo Goo Clusters, also Cinnabon Pecan Clusters, (shop online)

Spangler - Dum-Dums, buttered popcorn, lollipops, candy canes, chocolates & more

Stained Glass Candy Co. - handmade gourmet richly flavored hard & sugar free candy, also logo wrappers

Sweet Earth Organic Chocolate - organic fair trade chocolates, truffles, chocolate/toffee dipped pretzels, peanut butter cups, peppermint bark, gift boxes, wedding favors & more

Stewart Candy - soft & hard peppermint candy, cinnamon, strawberry, cherry, plus other flavors

Sugar Plum - chocolate, truffles, caramels, biscotti, trays, sugar free, hard candy, jelly beans, dried fruits, jams, jellies, gifts for many occasions and holidays & more

Sweet Bliss - varied clusters, chocolate pumps & purse

Sweet's - Chocolate Orange Sticks, Salt Water Taffy and Cinnamon Bears, Kosher, sugar-free & more

S. Zitner Co. - many choices for Easter - Butter Cream, Cocoanut Cream, Double Cocoanut, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow & signature Butter Krak egg, Online Dealer

Taffy Town - gourmet taffy in array of flavors, also lite taffy

Taza Chocolate - stone ground organic chocolate, bars & cases

The Chocolate Haus - fudge, caramels, chocolates, truffles, holiday & occasion, sugar free candies & gift baskets

The Old Mill - hand dipped chocolates, old mill taffy, brittle, pecan logs, fudge, old fashioned stick candy, bear claws & more

The South Bend Chocolate Co. - boxed chocolates, patties, truffles & cordials, fudge, creams, chocolate covered cherries, seasonal candies, gift baskets, sugar free candies & more

Theo Chocolate - organic fair trade chocolate, chocolate bars, boxed confections, favors

The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory - Hawaiian grown cocoa beans - milk & dark chocolate bars, bite size chocolate, also Kona coffee, (secure online order form at page bottom)

Thompson - premium & organic chocolate

Vosges Haut Chocolat - exotic truffles, wedding favors

Whetstone - design your own box of chocolates, fudge, truffles, pure chocolate, hot chocolate, sugar free chocolate

Wilbur Buds - delicious chocolate, gift baskets, hand cream

Wolfgang - chocolates, creams, clusters, caramel & more

XOX Truffles - liqueured & non-liqueured truffles

Yamate Chocolatier - truffles, chocolate bars, sugar free

Chewing Gum

Glee Gum - all natural chewing gum in a variety of flavors, educational make your own gum, gummies & chocolate kits


Brown Family Farm - maple syrup, maple candy, pancake mixes, maple butter, sauces & gift sets

Fadden's Sugar House - light amber maple syrup

Fuller's Sugarhouse - maple syrup & maple products

Hickoryworks - hickory syrup

Maple Grove Farms - maple & fruit syrups, waffle & pancake mixes, cookies, salad dressings, gluten free products & more

Parkers Maple Barn - maple syrup & sugar crystals, also maple candy

RMG Family Sugar Bush - maple syrup, maple sugar & cream, maple candy, dressing, also jams & gift boxes

Robb Family Farm - maple syrup, Cabot cheese & gift boxes

Vermont's Maple Producers - Directory with links to producers who also retail


E & M Gold Beekeepers, LLC - honey, beeswax candles, gift baskets

Grand River Honey Co. - raw clover honey

Honey Acres - variety of honey, honey sticks, honey mustards, gift packs

Honeyflow Farm - bulk honey by the pound, 50 styles of beeswax candles & hand made honey soap

Savannah Bee Company - organic & Tupelo honey, floating honeycomb, samplers, gift packs, also body care products

Thomas Honey Co. - gallberry, wildflower, clover & orange blossom honey in various sizes


Coastal Lobster - seafood from Maine

Harmon's Clam Cakes - clam cakes made from wild caught clam, (phone to order or order from Maine Lobster Direct listed below

Maine Lobster Direct - lobster from the North Atlantic, seafood dinners, live lobsters, lobster tails, seafood appetizers, shellfish & chowder, desserts & more

Marvesta Shrimp Farms - fresh natural farm raised shrimp produced in an eco-friendly manner

Seabear Smokehouse - wild salmon, halibut, crab, prawns, lobster, cod & sole, oysters & mussels, also appetizers, chowder & bisque, desserts & more

Sonja Albacore Tuna - Albacore tuna from the Pacific NW Ocean waters near Oregon

Wild American Shrimp - shrimp from our own waters

Wild Alaskan Salmon Co. - king salmon, Alaska black cod & halibut, smoked & canned salmon, gift boxes & more


Amana Meat Shop & Smokehouse - ham, steak & chops, bacon, sausages plus gift boxes

American Grass Fed Beef - dry aged steaks, summer sausage, bacon, bratwurst, beef jerky & more

Beltie Beef, LLC - organic, grass fed beef, numerous cuts of beef, organic summer sausage

Bison Farm - grass fed buffalo meat

Blake's All Natural Food - organic chicken & turkey pot pies, macaroni & beef, shepherd's pie

Burgers' Smokehouse - variety of smoked hams, bacon, sausages, pork chops & roasts, steaks, burgers, chicken & more

Dakin Farms - cob-smoked maple cured hams, also bacon & sausage, poultry, cheeses, crackers, gift packs & more

Empire Kosher, Inc. - Kosher chicken & turkey, deli slices, franks, frozen & fully cooked

Gary West Smoked Meats - smoked turkey breast, hams & a variety of jerky

Holston Mountain Beef Jerky - original, peppered, Teriyaki, Hawaiian & barbecue flavors of jerky

Kessler Foods - franks, smoked sausage, bologna, ham products, salami, scrapple, turkey products & more

Llano Seco - organic pork products, organic ham & sausages, pork ribs, bacon

Maple Leaf Farms - (sound) largest producer of duck

Miller - Amish country poultry

Mount Royal - boar, buffalo, duck, ostrich, venison & game birds

Niman Ranch - beef, pork, lamb, smoked, cured, all natural

Rocky Mountain Organic Meats - organic grass fed beef, variety of cuts, also organic grass fed lamb, snacks & lunch meat

Seltzer's Smokehouse Meats - regular & sweet lebanon bologna, scrapple, spiral hams, beef jerky, dipping mustard, shoofly pie

SPAM - 11 varieties of SPAM are union made, (other items in their store may be imported)

Tony Chachere's - Creole cuisine

Olive Oil

La Provençale Cellars - apple spreads, extra virgin olive oil & cider vinegar

McEvoy Ranch - organic olive oil, also olive oil body care products

Queen Creek Olive Mill - extra virgin olive oil

Wiebe Farms - extra virgin olive oil


Alpine Touch - all purpose seasoning, pepper blend, lemon pepper, jerky seasoning, salsa seasoning, gift packs

Bruce Foods - over 350 food products, Cajun & Tex Mex, spices, sauces, hot sauces, mixes, seasonings, jarred peppers, chili powder & more, (shop online)

Charles H. Baldwin & Sons - extracts, flavorings & other specialties (since 1888)

Marion Kay Spices - spices, extracts, seeds, blends, herbs & more

Redmond Trading Co. - gourmet Kosher sea salt


American Spoon - fruit preserves & condiments, marmalades, spoon fruits, fruit butter, traditional salsas, relishes, fruit mustards, BBQ sauces, brandied fruit, dressings, gift baskets & more

Bruce Foods - over 350 food products, Cajun & Tex Mex, spices, sauces, hot sauces, mixes, seasonings, jarred peppers, chili powder & more, (shop online)

D.L. Jardine - salsas, marinades, sauces, seasonings, southwestern flavors

Head Country Barbecue - pints to gallons of varied flavored barbecue sauce

Lone Pine Sauce Company - gourmet salsa

Maurice's Gourmet Barbecue - barbecue sauce & barbecue meats

Santitos Salsa - salsa, "thirty year old recipe, made by the Gutierrez family"


Almost Amish - assortments of relishes, pickles, jellies & combo packs

Cooper's Cider Mill - variety of jams, jellies & preserves, apple butter, pickles & relishes

Hillside Orchard Farm - jams & jellies, hot sauces, fruit syrups, chow chow, chutney, relish, cider & more

Intercourse Canning Co. - apple sauces & butters, barbecue sauces, bread, muffin & scone mixes, cookie mixes, dressings, gourmet dip mixes, marinades, relishes & more

Kraft Foods - union made array of food products

Land O'Lakes - union made butter, margarines & spreads, deli cheese, dairy case cheese, eggs, cream, whipped cream, milk, sour cream & egg nog

La Provençale Cellars - apple spreads, extra virgin olive oil & cider vinegar

Long Lake Specialty Food - pickled eggs & meats, pork hocks, sausage, pickled vegetables, gourmet olives, pickled herring, pickled turkey gizzards & pigs feet, cocktail mixers & variety packs

Natural Value - natural & organic foods, also environmentally friendly nonfood products, (new site)

Pierogies Plus, Inc. - authentic traditional pierogies & specialty pierogies (numerous varieties,) stuffed cabbage, Haluski, deviled crabs & crab cakes

Sechler's - 39 flavors of gourmet pickles

Stonyfield Farm - organic yogurt

Tait Farm Foods - all natural fruit shrubs, chutneys, berry sauce, pepper jelly, dip mixes, fig & olive relish, fruit butters, herbal culinary salts, scone mixes, fruit chocolate sauces, rice pilafs, rosemary polenta & more

Tillamook - cheese, ice cream, butter, sour cream


Frontier Soups - about 38 varieties of preservative free soups, hearty meal soups, homemade & international collections, whole grain soups & oatmeal, pasta salads, also corn bread mixes, appetizer & dip mixes

Canned Vegetables/Fruits

U.S. Grown - canned fruit & vegetables grown in the US, canned tomato & apple juice, diced & stewed tomatoes, green beans, carrots, peas, corn, mixed vegetables, tomato & pizza sauce, ketchup, tomato soup & gift packs



Amon Orchards - cherry concentrate, dried fruit, jams & jellies, frozen cherries & more

Barrett Orchards - cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pears, and apples

Cold Hollow Cider Mill - McIntosh apples, also apple cider, maple syrup, jams & more

DeGrandchamps Farms - blueberries & cranberries, also preserves, dried fruits, gift baskets & blueberry plants

Florida's Natural - order fresh oranges online, (orange juice found in most supermarkets)

Fruit From Washington - apples & pears

High Desert Foods - certified organic jarred fruits & sauces

Lane Southern Orchards - jarred peaches, cobbler & more

Sunkist/Limoneira - gifts baskets, oranges, lemons, avocados & assorted citrus

Tart is Smart - dried cherries, organic & tart cherry concentrates, blueberry juice concentrate

Turkey Knob Apples - 13 varieties of apples

Uncle Matt's Organic - several varieties of oranges, tangerines, tangelos & grapefruit


Bunker Hill Cheese Co. - over 100 Amish farm milk cheeses, over 30 yogurt cultured cheeses, over 50 specialty cheeses, cheddar cheeses, Vidalia onion cheese, Swiss cheese, cheese curd, beef jerky, bulk foods, candy, fudge, chips & snacks, condiments & more

Bur Oak Cheese Co. - about 36 natural cheese cuts, State, US & World Champion cheeses, cheese spreads, beef stick & summer sausage, mustard & horseradish, gift boxes

Cabot Vermont - aged, flavored & specialty cheddars

Carr Valley Cheese Co. - 50 cheese varieties.

Cedar Grove Cheese - organic cheese & several varieties of traditional cheeses

Crave Bros. - Mascarpone, Mozzarella & Les Frères

Crowley Cheese - all natural cheese wheels, blocks & samplers

Gethsemani Farms - four varieties of Trappist semi-soft cheese, also bourbon fudge & fruitcake

Grafton Village Cheese - 1 to 4 year old cheddars, classic reserve cheddar, also handcrafted cave aged cheddar truckles

Guggisberg Cheese - Baby Swiss, cheddar & mild cheeses, cheese spreads, also beef jerky, summer sausage & trail bologna

Lakes End Cheeses - handmade farmstead cheese, goat milk brie, sharp cheese & table cheese

Marin French Cheese - breakfast cheese, artisan petites, grand artisans, flavored cheeses & American originals

Oakdale Cheese - variety of cheeses in combo boxes

Old Country Cheese - Amish farm milk cheeses, mild & bulk cheeses, cheddar & Wisconsin cheeses, also combo packs

Sugarbush Farm - extra aged sharp cheddar, super extra sharp cheddar, mellow cheddar, sage cheese, mountain jack, Vermont light, mountain bleu & more, also smoked meats, maple syrup, jams & preserves, gift boxes

Tillamook - cheese, ice cream, butter, sour cream

Uplands Cheese - farmstead cheese made in the style and tradition of mountain cheeses from the alpine regions of France.

Widmer's Cheese Cellars - 1 to 6 year aged cheddars, Colby cheese, spreads, Wisconsin cheeses, (imported cheeses on site)

Ice Cream

Blue Bell Creameries - ice cream, light ice cream, no sugar added, yogurt & sherbert

Blue Bunny - nearly 500 ice cream flavors, cones, sandwiches, treats, no sugar added options & yogurt

Country Fresh - 30 flavors of union made ice cream, also ice cream novelties, milk & cream

Perry's Ice Cream - union made ice cream in Premium, Light, Organic & No Sugar Added, many flavors, also custard

Sibby's Homestead - organic ice cream

Young's Jersey Dairy - homemade ice cream, also jelly & preserves



Armstrong Pie Co. - home style turnovers in about 14 flavors, also frozen pie crusts, Order Online Here

Arndt's Fudgery - premium home made fudge, brittles, rock candy, salt water taffy, caramel corn, Amish made jarred goods, sugar free candy & more

Big Island Candies - shortbreads, brownies, a variety of candies & more

Black Hound - cakes, cookies, pastries, gift baskets & towers

Chattanooga Bakery - Moonpie brand 4" sandwich cookies made of marshmallow fluff layered between graham crackers and coated with chocolate, (shop online under Products & Shop)

Cheryl & Co. - many types of cookies, brownies, sugar free & Kosher, tins, boxes & baskets, many holiday selections

Cinderella Cheesecake - oversized cheesecakes in 8 flavors, (delicious) We suggest you order 2 or more of a flavor for a more economical shipping cost

Claxton Fruit Cakes - single & multi packs of fruit cake

Dancing Deer Baking Co. - brownies, cakes, cookies, gift towers, mixes & bulk cookies

Eileen's Special Cheesecake - 15 or so cheesecake flavors plus cookies

Eli's Cheesecake Co. - many varieties of cheesecake, personalization products

Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies - gourmet cookies, chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, sugar cookies & assortments

Gingerbread Construction Co. - gingerbread houses for a variety of holidays, muffin loaves, Biscotti, brownies, muffins, gingerbread & other cookies

Joy Cone Co. - employee owned company, waffle & sugar cones, waffle bowls, cake cups & cones, (since 1918)

L.A. Burdick Chocolate - favors, tea cakes, gift baskets, Marzipan, hot chocolate, pastry, birthday cake, cocoa powder

Liberty Orchards - Kourabia Shortbread, Paklava, Aplets & Cotlets Cookies, fruitbread & gingerbread cookies

Mee Mee Bakery - fortune cookies, mooncakes, cookies, raisin bread & more

Rowena's Inc. - almond, chocolate & lemon pound cakes also curds, jams & sauces

Sanders Candy - variety of dessert toppings, tea cakes, chocolates & gift baskets

Sweet Dreams - cakes for every occasion



Black Jewell - whole grain natural popping corn in bags, jars & gift packs

Cape Cod Potato Chips - hand stirred kettle cooked chips

Cromer's - variety of popcorn, caramel corn, popcorn gift tins & boxes, cotton candy, candy apples, peanut brittle, roasted & boiled peanuts, (since 1935)

Frito-Lay - union made snacks, chips, corn & tortilla chips, cheese flavored chips, multi grain snacks also dips

Fritz Co. - cheese treats, crunchy curls, assorted trail mix, also variety of candy

Garrett Popcorn - selection of flavored popcorn including CaramelCrisp®, popcorn balls, party packs, wedding favors & more

G.E.F. Gourmet Foods, Inc. - Glad Corn popcorn

Golden Flake - potato & tortilla chips, corn chips & pork skins, cheese curls & puffs

Good's Potato Chips - home style regular & barbecue flavor potato chips, also super thin pretzels, party mix, cheese curls & tortilla chips, (new site)

Great American Popcorn Co. - natural, candy & cheese popcorn in bags & tins, also dipped pretzels & gift baskets

Hammond's Pretzel Bakery - old fashioned hand rolled sourdough pretzels, also chocolate covered pretzels, sold in tins & boxes

Herr's - chips, pretzels, popcorn, cheese curls, pork rinds, tortilla chips & more, (by the case option)

Intercourse Pretzel Factory - hand twisted hard pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels, also varieties of noodles & mixes

Jones' Chips - vending to 14oz. size, potato chips

Kettle Foods - potato chips, organic & baked potato chips, tortilla chips & nut butters

Martin's Potato Chips Inc.  - original & kettle cooked potato chips in several flavors, natural sea salt chips, also pretzels, air popped popcorn, spicy & zesty chips, value sizes available

Orville Redenbacher - union made popcorn

Pretzels Inc. - "Spinzels" pretzels, corn puffs, cheese balls, caramel corn & snack mix, (you can enter their monthly giveaway of $50.00 of free snack food)

Revonah Pretzel - hand twisted sourdough pretzels, 9 flavors in assorted boxed sizes

Route 11 Potato Chips - 14 flavors of potato chips, tins, chip n dip kits, also dip mixes

Snyder's of Hanover - variety of pretzels including multi grain, pretzel crackers & pieces, pretzel/peanut butter sandwiches, chocolate covered pretzels, also about 13 flavors of potato chips, organic & gluten free snacks, also popcorn

Tom Sturgis Pretzels - pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels, whole grain logs, cinnamon sugar sticks, soy pretzels & more

Unique Pretzel Bakery - famous split open pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels, baskets & tins, also dips

Utz Quality Foods - snacks in tins, sports tins, chips, chocolates, pretzels, cheese snacks, popcorn, pork rinds, tortillas, corn chips, dips & salsa & more

Wege of Hanover - (sound) party stick pretzels, honey wheat pretzels, butter flavored & sour dough pretzels



Bates Nut Farm - walnuts, (other nuts may be imported) dried & glazed fruit, regular & sugar free candy, snack items

Claxton Fruit Cakes - pecans & peanuts, also chocolate covered

Cromer's - roasted & boiled peanuts, peanut brittle, also a variety of popcorn, caramel corn, cotton candy, candy apples, gift tins & boxes, (since 1935)

Eagle Ranch - pistachios & wine

Evergreen Orchards & Vineyards - hazelnuts, chocolate covered hazelnuts, also syrups & wine

Ft. Bowie Vineyards & Orchard - pecans, walnuts, pecan oil, also honey butter, dried fruit & candy

Great Southern Pecan - 5 different sized pecans

Heaton Pecan Farm - pecans, pecan candies & fudge, pecan pies & tarts & more

Krema Nut Co. - roasted nuts, all natural peanut butter, banana chips, sesame sticks, candies & more

Lane Southern Orchards - pecans, Georgia pecan pie, jarred peaches, jams, jellies, salsa, pecan oil & more

Mauna Lao - macadamia nuts, (stray imports on site)

Missouri Pecan Growers - USDA organic pecans

Oklahoma Food Cooperative - peanuts, pecans & more

Pape Pecan House - in shell or shelled pecans


American Coffee - regular & decaffeinated coffees, (mug is imported)

Bad Ass Coffee - Kona coffees, naturally decaffeinated coffee, flavored coffees, (other items in their store may be imported)

Coffees of Hawaii - Ka'u, Kona, Maui, Moloka'i coffees, Island blends, unroasted beans, (other items may be imported)

Coffee Times - Kona coffees also cigars

Dragon's Lair Estate - Kona coffee grown by organic standards

Kapulena Coffee Farm - organic Hawaiian coffee

USA Coffee Company - union made premium Hawaiian coffee

Non-Alcoholic Beverages 

Amana Shops - root beer, cream soda & black cherry

A-Treat - soda made in a wide variety of flavors from triple filtered water and liquefied cane sugar - not high fructose corn syrup, (Since 1918)

Avery's Beverages - wide variety of old-fashioned sodas made with cane sugar and sold in glass bottles, (order by phone)

Coca-Cola - carbonated beverage

Cold Hollow Cider Mill - apple cider, McIntosh apples, honey, maple syrup & more

Dr. Pepper - carbonated beverage

Florida's Natural - orange juice, (found in most supermarkets) order fresh oranges online

Gray's Brewing Co. - root beer & cream soda, also flavorful beers

H & K Products Inc. - Pappy's Sassafras tea

Kutztown Soda Works - sodas made with pure cane sugar, Birch Beer, Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Red & Orange Cream, Ginger & White Birch Beer, Black Cherry & Grape sodas

La Provençale Cellars - gourmet Virginia Sparkling Apple Cider

Mountain Valley Spring Water - spring water naturally filtered through layer after layer of shale, sandstone & limestone

Pepsi - carbonated beverage

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. - root beer, also year round & seasonal beers

Sprecher Brewing Co. - root beer, cream, orange, cherry & ginger ale soda, also cherry cola, lo-cal root beer & Puma Kola, also year round, seasonal, premium & limited release beers

The Healthy Beverage Co. - (sound) Steaz brand organic iced & green tea, also energy drink

Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Co. - all natural beverages, Country Apple Jack, Mango Moonshine, Tangerine Cream Twister, Raspberry Rhubarb Ramble, Maple Soda & Seltzer, Rugged Mountain Root Beer & Kickin' Cow-Cola

Wiebe Farms - peach lemonade & iced tea


Alcoholic Beverages

Abita Beer - a variety of brews made from artesian spring water

All American Wineries - a winery & vineyard guide by state of US made wines

Anchor Brewing Co. - "virtually handmade" brews, (since 1896)

Anheuser-Busch - brewery

Appalachian Brewing Co. - large-capacity microbrewery

August Schell Brewing Co. - original, grain belt, year round & seasonal brews

Austin, Nichols Distilling Co. - Wild Turkey bourbon

Barnard Griffin - reserve wines & tulip label wine

Belmont Farms of Virginia, Inc. - Virginia Lightning corn whiskey (moonshine) & Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey

Blue Ice - Blue Ice Potato Vodka

Boyd & Blair - potato vodka

Brewery Ommegang - Belgian style ales

Cold River Vodka - triple distilled potato vodka

Columbia Crest - handcrafted small lot wines

Dogfish Head Brewing Co. - year round & seasonal brews

Flying Fish Brewing Co. - English, Belgian & American style brews

Fossil Fuels Brewing Co. - pale ale made from a recovered strain of yeast that is 45 million years old, (new site)

Full Sail Brewing Co. - employee owned brewery offering Amber, IPA & Pale Ale

Gray's Brewing Co. - micro-brewery with flavorful beers, also root beer & cream soda

Highball Distillery, LLC - Elemental Vodka - hand-crafted organic vodka

Jack Daniels - whiskey

JB Wagoner's - ultra premium 100% Blue Agave spirits

Kluek Brewing Co. - Cold Spring brewery, Lager, Golden Pilsner, Pale Ale & Hard Lemonade

Latrobe Brewing Co. - Rolling Rock beer

Leinenkugel Brewing - year round & seasonal brews

Long Trail Brewing Co. - eco-friendly brewery

Magic Hat Brewing Company - distinct & flavorful beer

Maker's Mark - Kentucky straight Bourbon Whiskey

Miller Brewing - union made beer

New Belgium Brewing Co. - eco-friendly brewery

Otter Creek Brewing - certified organic ales brewed in small batches

Philadelphia Distilling - Bluecoat American Dry Gin

Redhook Brewery - fine ales

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. - year round & seasonal beers, also root beer

Samuel Adams - brewery

Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery - wine from Sonoma County

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - eco-friendly brewery, year round, seasonal & special release beers

Spoetzl Brewery - handcrafted beer, (since 1909)

Sprecher Brewing Co. - year round, seasonal, premium & limited release beers, also root beer, cream, orange, cherry & ginger ale soda, also cherry cola, lo-cal root beer & Puma Kola

Straub Brewery - premium & light beer

The Matt Brewing Co. - flavorful beers, lagers & ales

The Woodford Reserve - handcrafted bourbon made in small batches

Troegs Brewing Co. - handcrafted year round & seasonal brews

Victory Brewing Co. - beer, lager & seasonal brews

Yuengling - America's oldest brewery 

Llano Seco Rancho - Producers of Organic Pork


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