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A Comprehensive Consumer Resource & Shopper's Guide for Goods Made in the USA

Musical Instruments


Baldwin Pianos - pianos

Steinway & Sons - pianos

New Orleans Online - New Orleans music from many artists

Story & Clark Pianos - upright & grand pianos

Walter Piano - upright, studio & grand pianos

Brass Instruments

Kanstul Musical Instruments - brass instruments

Selmer - saxophones

Vincent Bach - brass instruments

Hurdy Gurdies

Altarwind Music - beautifully hand crafted 4, 5 & 6 string hurdy gurdies, medieval reproduction hurdy gurdie, also harps & Bowed Psalteries - for amateurs & professionals


Locations in this department are not yet included in our search

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Brookwood Leather - custom crafted leather guitar & bass straps made to order including 50's styles, also amp handles

Cooperman Fife & Drum Company - drum sticks, mallets & beaters, also rope tension drums, hand drums

Couch Guitar Straps - cruelty free guitar straps, also camera straps & belts

Display & Play Case Co. - display cases for guitars, bass, ukulele, mandolin, viola & fiddle.  Options include fine wood & metal cases. 

Earcandy Cabs - guitar & bass enclosures, racks

Guitar Ideas - hand crafted mounts for a variety of stringed instruments

Katahdin Furniture Studio - hand crafted hardwood music stands, sheet music cabinets, guitar stand & resets, guitar display cabinets & wall racks, cello stands & double bass stands, footrests, violin holders, stands & cabinets, mandolin & banjo stands & wall mounts, ukulele cradles, piano benches & seating, recorder & flute tressel, music tables, accessory boxes & more

Kazoobie Kazoos - plastic, metal & wooden kazoos, slide whistles, bulk options

Mooradian Cover Co. - soft sided musical instrument covers & gig bags

North Star Leather - leather guitar straps

Premier Batons - world class conducting batons

Scratch Pad - non-adhesive removable guitar finish protector

Spinstigator - twist free guitar cable, pure tone & no degradation in sound

Whirlwind - digital audio products


Carvin - amps and audio gear for pro and hobbyist musicians alike.

Kendrick Amplifiers - amplifiers built by hand

Smokey Amps - compact, affordable guitar amplifier

Zinky Electronics - high quality electric guitar amplifiers, tube amps, speaker enclosures, signal processors

Harrison Harmonicas - innovative & ergonomic harmonicas with a replaceable reed system for discerning amateurs to professionals, (see video below)


Dexter Fiddles - handcrafted fiddles & wooden spoons


American Made Banjo Co. - custom banjos

Deering Banjos - banjo manufacturer

Nechville Musical Products - professional acustic & electric banjos

Stelling Banjo Works - fine banjos also mandolins


Bluett Brothers - violins, mandolins & acoustic guitars

Collings Guitars - hand crafted mandolins, also acoustic & electric guitars

Weber - handcrafted mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins, mandocellos, arch top & resonator guitars


Mountain Made - Keyword Dulcimer, carved Dulcimers in Basswood, Maple/Walnut

Webster String Instruments - finely crafted dulcimers, also harps 


Littleleaf's - native American flutes (new site)

Selmer - flutes, clarinets, oboes & bassoons

Wildpiece Music - hand carved flutes


Orthey Autoharps - fine, customizable autoharps


Altarwind Music - handmade hardwood 25, 26, 30 & 36 string harps, also hurdy gurdies & Bowed Psalteries - for amateurs & professionals

Lyon & Healy - makers of harps

Stoney End Harps - harps & music books

Venus Harps - student to professional model harps

Webster String Instruments - finely crafted & innovative harps, also dulcimers


Gibson Bagpipes - traditional Scottish & Great Highland Bagpipes, smallpipes, pipe chanters, reeds & accessories

Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Alembic - fine handcrafted basses & guitars

Bluett Brothers - acoustic guitars, violins & mandolins

Bolin Guitars - fine electric guitars

Carlson - electric guitars & basses for novice & professional

Carvin - high-quality guitars & basses for pro & hobbyist

Collings Guitars - hand crafted acoustic & electric guitars, also hand crafted mandolins

Daisy Rock - professional quality guitar

Dean USA - high-end guitars

DR Strings - (music playing) acoustic & electric guitars, also bass guitars

Fender - check the line, some are foreign

Flat Earth Guitars - electric guitars & restoration

Froggy Bottom Guitars - steel string flat top acoustic guitars

Gibson - guitar, core product line is US made, check on particular instrument, Tobias basses are US made

Heritage Guitar Inc. - Custom Carved Hollow Body Guitars, Semi Hollow Body Guitars, and Solid Body Guitars

Jaros Guitars - custom built electric guitars

John Walker Guitars - custom built acoustic guitars

KXK Guitars - custom made guitars

L.A. Kidwell - custom built basses & guitars

Martin Guitars - acoustic guitars

Meyers Guitars - hand built custom guitars

Mortoro Guitars - archtop jazz guitars

M.V. Pedulla Guitars - handcrafted basses

Nedd Guitars - 6 & 7 string handcrafted guitars & bass guitars

Normandy Guitars - aluminum body electric guitars & basses

Novax Guitars - hand crafted guitars & basses

Paul Reed Smith - custom guitars are US made

Reith Guitars - handmade electric guitars

Santa Cruz Guitar Co. - hand built acoustic guitars, several options permit customization

Stallings USA - custom guitars & basses

Tacoma - acoustic guitars

Taylor - large line of acoustic & electric guitars

US Masters - high performance electric guitars & basses

Wayne Guitars - hand made electric guitars

Weber - handcrafted arch top & resonator guitars, also mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins, mandocellos


American Drum - steel drum, cymbal, chime & gong mallets, drumsticks & marching mallets, also therapy mallets

Cooperman Fife & Drum Company - rope tension drums, hand drums & drumsticks

Ego Drum Supply - drums & hardware

Everyone's Drumming - hand made drums: Djembes, Ashikos, talking drums, Djundjuns, Doumbeks, drum bags, drum repair & drum building supplies

Ludwig-Musser - drums, timpani & mallet instruments

Pork Pie Percussion - custom wood drums, acrylic drum kits, snares, thrones

Remo - drum heads

San Francisco Drum Co. - custom kits, snare & bass drums

Thumper Custom Drums - "High-quality Drums for the Working Drummer"

Trueline - 6 designs of drumsticks

Zildjian - cymbals

Gibson Bagpipes


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