American-style beds and bedrooms coming to the UK more

American-style homes are known for being big in every sense. Visual style is very important and there is the classic image of a massive open plan house that just isn’t seen widely in the UK. However, all this is gradually changing as US style beds and bedrooms are being increasingly favoured by UK home owners looking to add something different to their home.

Firstly there is the issue of space which continues to be a problem. Homes in the UK are physically a lot smaller than those in the US, with less land available and a higher population density even in suburban areas. There isn’t much getting round this, but for those people who do have some extra space available they tend to want to make the most of it more and more. Having more space and an open plan design for rooms indicates luxury and for many people it’s worth investing more in your bedroom above all else because it’s going to be the room you spend the majority of your life in. We sleep for a third of our entire lives on average, so why not invest in quality bedroom design and beds?

American style sizing for beds is an indication of how popular this is becoming gradually in the UK. Famous “California king” sized beds wouldn’t have been available a few years ago, but now there are many UK stockists offering these. In many senses the bed industry is still very traditional in the UK and many people still value trying before buying so they want to visit physical shops, but many of these that have been operating for a long time are now moving into online sales more and more. Many established companies now offer a full range of bed and mattress sizes in the same way Americans might expect, including the more luxurious “queen size” 4ft single bed and those giant king size models.

There is also an increasing demand for the different styles offered by American brands, and these extend to the whole bedroom with ranges of matching furniture available. There are many UK and European brands dominating the market still in the UK, but alongside these are an increasing number of US brands too. People are looking for something special for their bedroom and thanks to American trends this is becoming more possible all the time.

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