Difference between British and American Housing

You may be wondering what the differences are between UK and USA housing. Although both countries speak the same language, you’ll be surprised to learn that both countries have entirely different styles of housing. Below is a list of things that are different to British and American homes.


UK houses usually come with built-in letterboxes through the front doors. In America, mailboxes are built and placed right outside their homes.

House Built

British homes are built with concrete bricks. Houses that are made with concretes are more solid and can last for centuries. This is why many UK houses built years ago are still standing strong to this day. On the other hand, American homes are built with timber frames or cladded wood, which is more ideal for building bigger homes.


When it comes to bathrooms, American houses are likely to have an ensuite that includes a bath, sink, toilet, and shower. In Britain, en suite bathrooms aren’t very popular. You will find that bathrooms are built either on the ground floor or the top floor.


Most houses in the UK does not come with a built-in wardrobe. Usually, you would have to buy them when moving to a different home. In American homes, it’s a standard requirement for rooms to have a built-in or walk-in closet.

Types of homes

The majority of houses in the UK are built semi-detached. In the USA, 80% per cent of houses are detached; this is because American land is more extensive than the UK.


Most roofs in British houses are either built with slate or clay tiles. You will generally find clay tiles in city houses and slate tiles in country homes. The American homes, on the other hand, are roofed with felt tiles.

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