The Differences in Living in the UK and US

If you’re from the UK and are curious about moving to live in the US, you may want to know the difference between living in both countries. By understanding the difference between the living culture in the UK and the US, you can decide if moving to the US is something you want to consider.

Food shopping

Food shopping in the USA can be pretty expensive compared to the UK. Part of this reason is that the US doesn’t have as many budget supermarket stores as in the UK. Large budget food stores like Lidl, Aldi or Asda aren’t available in the US. If you like to budget when it comes to food shopping, this is something to consider.

Roads and transport

America has more land, and the roads are much bigger compared to the UK. Although the UK has smaller roads, it offers better public transport compared to the US. If you’re considering living in the US, it’s important to have a driving license to get around as their public transport isn’t the same and isn’t as accessible in the UK.

Health care system

The NHS healthcare system is publicly free and available for all UK citizens, which means if you’re ill and hospitalised, you won’t receive any bills afterwards. The healthcare system in the US isn’t the same as the NHS. If you’re an American citizen, you will have to pay for your medical bills. Most of the time, they are paid through people’s medical insurance.

Price tax

When buying anything in the UK, the prices are what you will have to pay for, and there aren’t any additional taxes to be paid. However, in the US, their price tags on food or clothing aren’t the exact price as you see on the tag. Most of the time, the extra tax is added once you’re at the checkout.

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